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General Introduction

Our world is getting smaller. With two languages your child has double chances. Open your child the door to the world with our two English programmes, Vienna Bilingual Schooling (VBS) and Dual Language Programme (DLP).

The aim of both these programmes is to impart students from different cultures a bilingual general education in German and English. Our students should get the language abilities and the common knowledge that is necessary in order to be able to succeed in the international working world. Furthermore, they should acquire a tolerance and an understanding for cultural diversity and thus for other human beings and their various ways of life.

Target group

With our VBS and DLP Programme we would primarily like to address children with German / English as their mother tongue / lingua franca (VBS), respectively with a special interest in the English language (DLP) and an adequate amount of ambition. In this context a bilingual primary school or a GEPS – primary school (Global Education Primary School) are a proper foundation but no absolute necessity.
Basically the same parameters are valid for our VBS-branch in the upper forms.

VBS/DLP lessons

In our VBS / DLP branch we impart knowledge in both languages with the support of progressive teaching methods on the basis of the Austrian syllabus for upper secondary education. Through the permanent making use of both languages in and outside school we achieve a considerable intensification of the respective foreign language skills. Additionally, the focus on intercultural learning should guide our students to open-mindedness and tolerance.

An essential aspect of our VBS / DLP concept is the principle of team teaching. Many subjects are taught bilingually by a team.  These teams consist of an Austrian teacher and an English native teacher. Both enjoy equal rights.

In the VBS classes the most subjects are garnished with native teacher input and in the DLP ones still two or three per year have this special bonus. Consequently, in the DLP- branch there is more English than in a regular class, but less than in the VBS-branch.


Students who are interested in our VBS/ DLP programme are invited to do a VBS or DLP orientation talk (only oral -before the entry into the lower forms), or a VBS orientation exam (written and oral- before the entry into the upper forms) at the end of January.

The concrete registration can either be done online on our webpage or with the respective printed forms until the beginning of January.

After this you will get a letter with the final details (place and time) of the orientation talk / orientation exam in mid- January.

After the orientation talk / orientation exam you will get informed about the results of your child as soon as possible. Consequently, there is still enough time to sign up in our school or another one of your choice.

Your child can only register for one orientation talk at a VBS / DLP school.
The concrete differences between VBS and the DLP Programme are as follows:



VBS = Vienna Bilingual Schooling

DLP= Dual Language Programme

German and English are equally important classroom and working languages.

German is the main classroom and working language and English is taught through the CLIL- method (Content and Language Integrated Learning) in single subjects

There is Native Teacher Input in most of the subjects

There is Native Teacher Input in 2-3 (changing) subjects per year

In our school VBS is offered in the lower forms (one class per year), as well as in the upper forms (two classes per year)

In our school DLP is only offered in the lower forms ( one class per year)

The aim of the VBS is that our students achieve mother tongue language proficiency in German and English before the school leaving examinations (“Matura”)

The aim of the DLP is that our students have the realistic chance - after the lower forms and a successful Orientation Exam- to change into our VBS- upper forms system

A VBS- Orientation Talk (lower form) and a VBS-Orientation Exam (upper form, written and oral) for VBS Beginners are compulsory  and simultaneously main criteria for admittance

A DLP- Orientation Talk  is compulsory and simultaneously the main criterion for admittance

If you want your child to apply for a first form with a special focus on English, you can only sign in for EITHER a VBS-Orientation Talk OR a DLP-Orientation Talk!